our mission

Our mission at VICTRX is broad: to inspire & work with as many people as possible to improve their lifestyle, even beyond fitness. We also aim to work outside of fitness as well, exploring different creative / media ventures for the most impact.

why train with VICTRX?

At VICTRX, we aim to bring you to victory  with an enthusiastic head-on and planned approach, maximizing effort and results. We offer experienced, caring trainers that bring you to your goals using the many services we offer. 

If you want the results, they must be worked for and earned.

what we do

VICTRX is a brand dedicated to helping individuals reach their fitness goals and look their best while doing it. We offer a range of services including personal training, nutrition plans, online coaching etc to help you achieve your desired level of fitness. At VICTRX, we believe in bettering yourself and reaching your full potential. Allow us to help you on your fitness journey.

training philosophy

We use a passionate, open-minded, and earnest approach in the campaign towards your goals & objectives. VICTRX’ ideals are built on planning, hard-work, passion, confidence, unity and respect.

our story

Originally derived from the Latin words meaning winner / victory, VICTRX Ltd. was created with goal crushing & achieving results with a winner’s mentality in mind. Bigger than fitness, our goal is to improve lifestyles in a general manner, leading you to be the best you.

I. PLAN we plan out your workouts, nutrition & schedule

II. ATTACK execute your workout & nutrition plans and work hard

III. TRIUMPH achieve & conquer your set goals

IV. ADVANCE set up new goals and keep improving

Allow us to help you reach your fitness goals.